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BASIC AI and DATAMATICA embark on strategic cooperation toward the realization of Data-Centric

BasicAI, a leading AI software infrastructure and provider of AI-supporting technology, announced today that it established a strategic cooperation agreement with DataMatica, the first-class enterprise AI data service provider in South Korea.

Why collaborate?

With the development of AI technology and the decline of hardware manufacturing costs, multi-sensor and hybrid sensors have gradually become a new trend in MLOps production. The wide application of a vast quantity of high-resolution cameras and LiDAR devices has significantly increased the complexity of training data processing requirements.

BasicAI has over six years of experience in data service and model training for global AI companies and institutes. The data-centric approach from BasicAI depends on the accumulation of know-how in the AI industry. BasicAI has developed its platform for multisensory training data, which AI teams can manage, curate, and enhance on their datasets for their model training projects.

The Republic of Korea is emerging as a global leader in successfully harnessing trustworthy AI. DataMatica has served the domestic government and top technology companies, generating a multimillion-dollar business in data and AI-related services in autonomous driving and intelligent hardware. DataMatica also boasts a well-established local sales network.

With this partnership, BasicAI will provide AI infrastructure software services focused on data management, AI modeling, and innovative development. As a result, DataMatica recognizes the impact BasicAI’s multisensory training platform will have: solving the needs of AI engineers and scientists. Both companies commit to developing excellent products and services, focusing on customer AI projects. This strategic collaboration will open up joint marketing and co-selling programs between BasicAI and DataMatica, bringing new opportunities for customers across the Asia-Pacific region.


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